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Bloom Before Decay

There is a sense of beauty in witnessing flowers before their end. The most common reason plants perish is over or un- watering, or not establishing a stable root system.

It makes me wonder about my own roots and if I'm established in a system. If so, will I germinate and prosper, flourish and be beautiful? Or will I be the flower head that drops off, the common weed pulled out and discarded in the Bin?

For me, human life is a journey from being young, gorgeous and pollinating to ever so slowly wilting away. I have lost those close to me while making this body of work. It has been a time of reflection and being present with those who are starting to wilt, a process of capturing their fading beauty and holding on to a precious memories of them flourishing.

It is not about sadness,

It is not about problems,

It is a celebration of life in all its beautiful stages.

It's the 'Bloom Before Decay'.

Alveston Fine Art - Autumn 2022.

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