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Currently the works are heavily formed around the matter of identity, to oneself or a passer-by from the ‘everyday life’. I get distracted. Picking up on small details, clothing, expressions, stature, emotions, they excite me. Identity comes through the actions in scenarios that may be normal to oneself, but to an onlooker these may be peculiar.


Fluttered within the works there are discreet motifs taken from the surroundings, overheard conversations, while using the paint as a vessel for personal dialect. More than 1 idea is worked into a painting at a time, different ideas and sketches of the surroundings get stitched into the work like that of a patchwork blanket. Old paintings can be worked on top of for new works, cutting out and bringing the previous painting feelings forward into the current (new) painting, a way of building up layers and conveying a previous conversation and how its developed into what is today.

Interview with Kate Mothes from the YNGSPC ;

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